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Mary's Reflexology & Trinity Healing

5605 OLD BULLARD, SUTE B, TYLER, TEXAS 75703 - 903.714.1783



Peggy Nartia Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master

TEXAS LOCATION ONLY - 903.714.1783

Peggy has had education in Alternative Holistic Health for over 30 years.  She is passionate about her work a her clients.  

Originally from Germany, she became a cosmetologist there among studies in Holistic Health.  She then became board certified in Tennessee after moving to the states.  She is very in tune with the body which makes her that much more suited for the work she does.  Her souls purpose has been to help others throughout her life, she cannot help but want to serve! 

Peggy is the proud mama of two children and two grandchildren.  Her interests are spending time with family, reading, taking care of her multitude of animals as she is an animal advocate.  She also enjoys the outdoors and quiet time. 

Peggy's Qualifications:

2000 - Forensic Healing Certified

2003 - Biotouch Certified

2019  - Reiki Master Certified

2020 - Sacred Ancestral DNA Clearing Certified 

2020 - Time Line Reset Certified 

2020 - Reflexology Certified

Peggy is located in the Tyler, Texas office only and is also happy to schedule remote sessions at your request.