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Mary's Reflexology & Trinity Healing

5605 OLD BULLARD, SUTE B, TYLER, TEXAS 75703 - 903.714.1783



We have over 1000 panels to choose from!!

Click the link below for a list


There are over 500 panels to choose from and not all will be listed. The video to the left will be up and running asap!!

Biofeedback Panels to choose from:

This list will be updated often as we are periodically adding panels

Addiction Panels

Addiction Assessment - What is the main cause of the addiction?

Addiction Assessment 2 Neurotransmitters - What are the brain chemical issues contributing to brain issues.

Addiction Assessment 3 Emotional - What emotional wounds and issues have led to this addiction?

Addiction Assessment 4 Brain - Help the energetics of the brain to find peace and harmony.

Addiction Assessment 5 Type - What type of addiction is prominent and in the field?

Addiction Assessment 6 Thought Patterns - Help to heal "all or nothing", "black and white" and other thought patterns that are creating a need to escape with an addictive substance.

Addiction Assessment 7 Brain Health - Heal the brain in order to heal the addiction.

Addiction Solutions Nutrition - What are the best solutions to assist in clearing addiction patterns?

Animal Healing 

Canine, Equine and Feline 

Feline Panels - Includes a host of common issues and pathologies in several different areas. This includes cardiovascular, immune system and more.

Feline Assessment 1 - Exposures

Feline Assessment 2 - Food Allergies

Feline Assessment 3 - Digestion

Feline Assessment 4 - Conditions

Feline Solutions 1 - Nourishing Foods

Feline Solutions 2 - Standard Process

Feline Solutions 3 - Vetri-Science Laboratories

Canine Panels - Includes a host of common issues and pathologies in several different areas. This includes cardiovascular, immune system and more.

Canine Assessment 1 - Exposures

Canine Assessment 2 - Food Allergies

Canine Assessment 3 - Digestion

Canine Assessment 4 - Conditions

Canine Solutions 1 - Nourishing Foods

Canine Solutions 2 - Standard Process

Canine Solutions 3 - Vetri-Science Laboratories

Includes natural remedies for dogs that includes vitamins and minerals and other supplements.

Equine Panels - Work with horses! issues and pathologies in several different areas. This includes cardiovascular, immune system and more.

Men & Women Hormone Panels

The digestive system includes the mouth, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. It also includes the pancreas, gallbladder and liver. Tied up with the digestive system is the eliminative system, which includes the kidneys and bowel. All of these elements are included in the Digestion panels.

Digestion 1 Digestive Organs - Esophagus, Gallbladder, Large Intestine, Pancreas, Small Intestine, Stomach.

Digestion 2 Assessment - Alkalize, Bile sluggish, Emotional root cause, enzyme deficiency, fungus, glyphosate residue, GMO exposure, Reflux, sympathetic dominance, yeast and more.

Digestion 3 Solutions - Includes the best herbal and supplemental solutions for the digestive system. Includes acidophilus, apple cider, vinegar, black walnut, clove powder, coral calcium, garlic, gentian bitters, lecithin, wormwood, zeolite and much more.

Digestion 4 Food Plan - Includes Low Fodmap, Paleo diet, vegan diet , casein free and more to help to point you in the right direction for the optimal food plan for good digestion.

Digestion Practices - Naturopathic practices to heal the digestive system. Gallbladder flush, rebounding, skin brushing and more.

Kidney Anatomy - Includes the neprhons, glomerulus and more.

Kidney Assessment - Uric acid, kidney stones, excessive protein intake and more.

Kidney Solutions - Chanca Piedra, Juniper, Black Cherry Juice, Parsley and more.

Liver Assessment - Look at different aspects of the liver, including bile flow and more.

Liver Solutions - Look at herbal and other solutions to help the liver detoxify.