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Mary's Reflexology & Trinity Healing

 TYLER, TEXAS 75703 - 903.941.6172




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Genius Miracles Hour

Below are the previous weeks Genius Miracle Hour Videos

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Thursdays @ 11am Central

Private and Group Subscriptions

Minimum of 7 people per group. $44 per person per month. Each subscription member will purchase a quanta capsule app ($65) to receive their frequencies each week. All programs are required to have 3 month minimum subscription. These are our top 10 programs, inquire within for how to get started!!

SUMMER SPECIAL ALL GROUPS $33 PER MONTH!!!!! (3 month minimum)

Commit to Three months or more and receive discount 


$120 Monthly

 One time purchase of Quanta Capsule $65

Package consists of: 


Weekly Scans


First appointment 30 min 

via zoom 


Week two, three & four

will be sent with the first 



Full scan plus one library 


15 min. follow up appointment on week four


$150 Monthly

One time purchase of Quanta Capsule $65

Package Consists of:

Weekly  Scans 


First appointment 30 min 

via zoom 


Week two, three & four 

will be scanned and sent via email at appt. time


Full scan plus 3 libraries 

Neuro Remedy Bonus  


$200 Monthly 

One time purchase of Quanta Capsule $65

Package Consists of:

Weekly 30 minute appointments via zoom


Full scan plus 5 libraries  


Before and After Aura


Neuro Remedy Bonus


Weight Management Program

Looking to use your own body's innate abilities to heal itself? Not only lose weight but achieve a healthy body as well? These panels are amazing for testing and balancing, and they get results. There are 15 panels including Weight Release assessment, affirmations, emotions, food plans and solutions!

Peaceful Sleep Program

Do you have trouble getting into a deep state of sleep? Or sleeping deeply at night? These frequencies harmonize the effects of blue light, of emotional stress, of adrenal issues and more. Enjoy receiving the frequencies of relaxing herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, and more. This wonderfully relaxing program is a gem. From a happy client, "There is something special about these frequencies; I slept through the night for the first time in months after just one session."

Pain Disturbance Harmonizing Program

If you are having acute pain or chronic pain, choose this program. It uses specific Rife frequencies to reduce pain in the body. These include "Accelerate Healing 7.83 Hz" and "Analgesic Pain Relief 10Hz." Also includes the frequencies of herbs known to reduce pain in the body, like CBD Oil, arnica, wintergreen, eucalyptus, magnesium chloride, and more.

Success Magnetizing Program

Are you interested in aligning yourself with frequencies that can draw money to you? Often we have subconscious blocks to attracting wealth and abundance. Use this program and begin to attract money making opportunities! These are potent frequencies that align you with the prosperity frequency! Be prepared to be amazed at the financial resources coming your way!

PTSD Program

Have you had a traumatic experience that has left you feeling stuck and not living to your highest potential? This Program consists of PTSD libraries, Emotional Reset libraries and Cellular Freedom libraries. My PTSD clients have reported: Improved emotional stability, focus, sleep, relationships and having less exaggerated stress response and more Peace.

Anti-Aging Program

This series of frequencies works on the effects of aging, including the shortening of telomeres. When telomeres shorten, we begin to experience the effects of aging. Using key herbs and Rife frequencies, this amazing program can help you to start feeling (and looking!) younger today.

Addiction Program

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Inflammation Disturbance Reduction Program

Do you find that you have frequent aches and pains? Do you have bloating after a meal? What about muscle or joint pain, like knee pain? Do you find that your recovery time has greatly increased after a workout? You may need the Inflammation Disturbance Reduction Program. These frequencies harmonize the causative factors that create inflammation and include key herbs.