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Reflexology Certification Course

Offiered June 2020 

(may change due to Coronavirus Pandemic)

This course will be a complete course in Foot Reflexology, It's Theory, history, zones, Meridians, relaxation response, body systems as related to reflexology; study of the structure of the foot and leg; hands on palpation of reflexes and sensory identification of palpated areas; map of the reflexes (reflex chart) as they are anatomically reflected on the feet; how the body is affected by working the reflexes and hands-on experience. Anatomy and Physiology of the body systems as they relate to the body and respond to reflexology; business practices, covering ethics, standards and state/local laws; ordinances pertaining to the practice of reflexology and supervised clinical work; giving and documenting client sessions, and other written work assigned as independent study.

Instructor: Mary Sullivan-Filippi,NBCR & Daniel Williams, MD 

Cost and schedule : $3,000.00 including Books & Travel (if applicable)

This is a dual Course - Most will be on line, including zoom meetings and 25 hrs of in person curriculum.

Course Time: 110 Hrs 

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Child/Adult Reflexology Classes/Course

Each class offered as an appointment

Full Course is all classes combined 

Class #1 "Basic Reflexes"

Class #2 "System specific"

Class #3 "Relaxation Techniques"

Class #4 "Overview"

*Classes may be taken individually, as a course or with a group.

These classes will consist of teaching you how to perform reflexology on your infant/child, yourself and loved ones.

THIS IS NOT A CERTIFICATION. This class is meant to teach the basics of reflexology to help you assist yourself, child, loved one, etc. to assist your body's own innate way of balancing itself. 

Class 1

Basic Reflexes

Class 2

System specific

Class 3



Class 4


Full Course