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Our Team of Reliable Holistic Facilitators

Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing is composed of specialists who are knowledgeable and experience in providing holistic modalities to clients in 2 locations; Tyler,TX and Lindale,TX. We are dedicated to offering only the best possible holistic services and whole-health products.

Mary Filippi, NBCR


Marybernadette Filippi, Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist (NBCR) has over eight years’ experience in Reflexology, 20 years’ experience in homeopathy and is an educator of Foot Reflexology. Mary trained at Lynn Grey’s Reflexology School in New York, where she received her foot certification in 2012 and then board certification through American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) in 2013. She also trained in Atlanta/New York with Ko-Tan; world-renowned massage therapist and reflexologist. With Ko-Tan’s training, she received certification for ears, hands, and face Reflexology in 2013. She is certified in Optimum foot bath treatments, Massage Cupping Therapy, Chromotherapy, Sound Therapy, Applied Vitaflex, Emotional Release with essential oils, Raindrop Technique, essential oil chemistry, Vibrational Raindrop, VitaFlex, Neuro-Endocrine Centers and Auricular Technique, Chromatic Raindrop, ancient oils, and Planetary Vibrational Technique. She serves as the Vice-President of the Texas Reflexology Association (TRA) and is affiliated with the Reflexology Association of America (RAA), American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), Veterans Association of America, Tyler Texas Chamber of Commerce, and Tyler Ten Networking Group.

Marybernadette is well-versed in her field, dedicated to her work and her clients. With a passion for assisting them in improving their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. She provides referrals to clients who need additional services such as botanical medicine, bio therapy, nutritional and supplemental assessments including Food Intolerance Evaluations, biological dentistry and functional medicine. She also heavily advocates for the usage of chemically safe personal care and home-care products, and can make recommendations in this area to further enhance her client’s healthcare goals.


Ms. Filippi has five sons, two grandchildren and enjoys her continuing education, volunteer work, cooking and many outside activities with her family, friends and colleagues.  

  • Nationally Board-Certified Reflexologist
  • Reflexology Instructor - inquire within for classes
  • Certified Raindrop Therapist
  • Certified Massage Cupping Therapist
  • Certified Raindrop Therapist
  • Certified VitaFlex Therapist
  • Biofeedback Specialist 
  • Certified Optimum Focus Foot Detox facilitator
  • Ear Candling facilitator
  • Young Living Essential oil distributor - contact me @ 903.941.6172
  • Zilis Hemp/CBD Oil Ambassador -
  • Ordained Minster 

Gayle Tracey-Mull


Is an Intuitive Healer with a variety of skills. Gayle, has empathic understanding of where and how others hurt since she was a small child. She has spent the past thirty years training this ability in a variety of disciplines. These include being a Reiki Master/Practitioner in two traditions, Source Tapping Practitioner, a Life Coach, and ULC Minister. Overall, Gayle uses a wide variety of tools to help clients live a happier, healthier, more pain free life. Her motto has long been (HELPING YOU LIVE THE ORDINARY LIFE IN AN EXTRAORDINARY WAY!) Gayle is the catalyst, that helps you to change your life!

Rosamaria Ramires CH

Back to Grace Hypnosis


Rosa now offers her passion for helping others via the relaxing, calm and soothing state of Hypnosis.

She graduated from Cal Banyan's Hypnosis School on 2015 as a Certified Hypnotist. She has continued her studies, receiving her Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Honors, from the Accredited Hypnosis Motivational Institute.

Along with Therapeutic Hypnosis, to relieve stress and tensions, she has specialized in the Law of Attraction, bringing in a new you.

Hypnosis and Childbirth certified as well as Hypnosis & Pain Management certified, medical referral needed for Pain Management treatment.

Rosa is also a Dolores Cannon, Level 1 Practitioner in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. The wonderful modality best know as QHHT for short. She takes you back through time to discover your unique story.

She looks forward to serving you!!  

Benay Behnke

Wellness Practitioner


Transforming Lives with Holistic Therapies

[this is not just massage]

Benay Behnke is a Wellness Practitioner, Certified as Raindrop Harmonics Practitioner and a Certified Vibrational Raindrop Specialist. Very few are certified in this technique in the USA. Her range of training in different holistic therapies allow her to incorporate them into her full body treatments which are what make her unique from anyone else in this area. The advanced holistic therapies given are based upon individual needs at the time of each session.

Essential Oils have long been known for their healing characteristics and are especially powerful when used with intention. Dr Gary Young developed the Raindrop technique which is a method of applying organic therapeutic-grade essential oils to the feet and back of spine that helps to align and decompress the spine which opens communications to organs and tissues, Electrical energy is generated with massage which causes a release along nerve pathways.

She has also worked with therapeutic sound known as Biofeedback for 15 years. Your voice conveys information in the tones and intonation about your current health, emotional state and much much more. Your frequencies are compared to healthy frequencies in the biofeedback device to assess where there are energy blockages for you. Much like a tuning fork can tune a piano, sound can re-tune our energy for wellness.

Tuning Forks may be used to add the power of vibration to the healing energy of essential oils. Used in pairs the forks create intervals of sound to balance the Autonomic Nervous system which are applied up and down the spine and the bottoms of the feet to promote change within the mind and body. Dr. Christi Bonds is the developer of Raindrop Harmonics Technique and Vibrational Raindrop Technique. Benay is certified from the master herself and continues to be trained with new protocols twice a year at AromaSounds in Paducah, Kentucky.

Benay is also a Certified Aromatherapy Coach. There are times where she makes her own blends of oils to better meet a clients particular needs.

Benay is also the author of Think Well Live Well Now and is dedicated to bringing people a greater understanding of their psychological thought connections, empowering them to make transformational changes in their lives.

Light of Life. Her book is available from her or on

“Brilliant surprises are always wanting for your discovery—they are hidden where you don’t normally look. When you embrace yourself wholly, your heart begins to reveal what your eyes fail to see.”

– Carolyn M. Greenleaf

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